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EUTR checks and reports by external organisations

Since the EUTR entered into force in 2013, the HS Timber Group’s Due Diligence system has been audited by the competent authorities a total of 17 times. All official EUTR audits to date have confirmed the observance of statutory duties of care (Due Diligence).

 The HS Timber Group is keen to maintain its high standards for supply chain security in the long term. Assisted by external experts who examine, evaluate and enhance the systems, we ensure that we have the latest measures and systems in place at all times.

A recent expert opinion issued by the independent consulting firm SGS also confirms conformity of the HS Timber Group’s security system to EUTR, especially for the supplier countries of Ukraine and Belarus.

In the past, independent expert organisations such as INDUFOR from Finland and KPMG Canada also carefully examined the company’s security systems, confirming the efficiency of the steps taken and helping to advance a continuous improvement process at the same time.